Making Mahawilachchiya the Cleanest Village in Sri Lanka We at Horizon Lanka embarked on a project to make Mahawilachchiya the Cleanest Village in Sri Lanka. As the first step to that, we made Horizon Lanka and the adjoining area clean by ourselves. We do it every day. We cleaned the road from Horizon Lanka to the playground also clean by picking up polythene and plastic stuff. We started removing water hyacinth (ජපන් ජබර – Japan Jabara – Eichhornia crassipes from the small reservoir we bath in the village. This aquatic plant grows very fast in the lakes and makes them shallow. We expected the government or the adults in the village to remove this troublesome plant but it was not to be. So, we spent two hours each on December 30, and 31, 2016 and got together with our teachers and removed the plant from a sizeable area in the water. We will do this every Saturday and see that the whole reservoir is free of the plant. Our next attempt is to encourage the villagers not to litter soap wrappers, empty shampoo packets, etc. in the reservoir. We need to make our village the cleanest village in Sri Lanka.

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