Searching for Sanctuary

Searching for Sanctuary
Mahawilachchiya is a rural village on the border of Wilpattu National Park, the largest wildlife
park in Sri Lanka, and is surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. It is also the home of
Horizon Lanka Foundation.
Being a rural village, farming is a main occupation for the villagers, who grow rice from their
paddy fields and fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, breadfruit, mangoes, papayas,
coconuts, jackfruit and more.
The village is blessed with the cleanest air as it is out of the way of city pollution and has so
much natural forestation- needless to say life in the village is healthy, organic and energising.
The villagers and their ancestors have been living in Mahawilachchiya for centuries and have a
deep understanding and connection with the land. They are well practised in the ways of hunter
gathering and using wild plants in a medicinal way, and are more than happy to share their
knowledge with visitors.
Horizon Lanka Foundation is nestled in the heart of Mahawilachchiya, and is an after-school
education programme where children aged 4-16 come after school, on weekends and durinduring
school holidays. It was first set up 18 years ago by an ex schoolmaster who had a vision of
connecting this remote village to the rest of the world via the use of computer technology. It was
the first village in the country to have a computer, and today has about twenty. The school has
equipped the young generation of this village with global understanding, IT and English skills.
The education programme has so far hosted 53 volunteers from around the world who have
taught the students English, Maths, IT, songs, dances, and other aspects of their culture. It is
important for the children to be exposed to life outside of their village as it allows their
understanding and ambitions to grow.
During your stay, should you choose to join us for a while, you will be housed and fed by a local
family and be fully submersed in rural Sri Lanka’s culture. Alternatively, if you require more
privacy and don’t want to stay with a family, we can offer you accommodation in a housed next
to the school for an affordable price. The house has a kitchen, it’s own beautiful garden with a
firepit, and 24/7 Internet access.
Activities that can be arranged while you’re here include elephant and bird watching, visits to
Thanthirimale rock temples, trips to the beach and water reserves, fishing, and overnight stays
in a treehouse. Playing games in the playground and going for bike rides with the kids are also
fun and energising ways to spend your afternoons.
So if you’re looking for a nature-filled, peaceful sanctuary and would like to have a positive
impact on lives in this community, perhaps volunteering at Horizon Lanka Foundation is for you.
Please contact-
We wish you peace and happiness,
The Horizon Lanka Foundation

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