Make a diffrance.

Current Opportunities

Dancing girlsHorizon Lanka is currently seeking volunteers in the fields of:

  1. English
  2. ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
  3. Science
  4. Mathematics
  5. Arts (dancing, singing, music, painting, photography, videography, etc.)
  6. Marketing and fundraising
  7. Web Designing
  8. Graphic Designing
  9. Audio Editing
  10. Video Editing

Volunteers will typically teach English at one of Mahawilachchiya’s pubic schools in the mornings and lead different educational and leisure activities at the foundation in the afternoons.

Food and accommodation are provided free of charge to our volunteers. You will be hosted by a Sri Lankan family and will delight from living by local customs.

Students’ English and ICT knowledge has improved remarkably due to the volunteers’ help over the past few years and we encourage more volunteers to help the students and the youth in the village.

Submit Application

*Members of AIESEC can apply directly on

Read what our volunteers to date are saying.



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